Why choose our Kitchen Refurbishment & Kitchen Fitting London Services?

When it comes to kitchen fitting London, Insider Property is the company to call and the team to trust. Our years of industry experience ensure that all our kitchen fitting and renovation work in London is done to the highest standards using quality materials.

Kitchen Fitters

All our kitchen fitting work in London is done by our fully qualified kitchen fitters. From large scale kitchen makeovers in London townhouses, to smaller kitchen installation work in London flats, our kitchen fitters London work closely with customers to ensure that they get superior customer service to match the high end finishing that they always produce.

Kitchen Fitting
For Customer Satisfaction

At Insider Property, we believe that customers come first, and that every single kitchen renovation and kitching fitting project in London should be led by customer visions. People choose us because all our kitchen fitters across London work closely with customers to fully understand what they need from their kitchen renovation.

Delivering Kitchen Renovations
on Time and on Budget

Before we start any of our kitchen renovation, kitchen makeovers or kitchen installations London, we ensure that our customers’ budget is clear, and ensure that we create a timeline for the projects that we can stick to. Our kitchen fitters London work hard to ensure a cost and time effective delivery of all our work.

What is a Kitchen Fitting London ?

When we talk about kitchen fitting in London, there are many things that can mean. For some, a kitchen fitting in their London home is part of a large kitchen remodelling project. For others, a kitchen fitting in their London property can be a brand new kitchen which is just part of a house wide build, whether new or an upgrade.

Our kitchen fitters London are on hand to advise customers on what kind of kitchen fitting may work best for their property, offering bespoke solutions that are always guided by the style and material preferences of our clients.

Whether it’s a brand new property that needs a high end kitchen fitting, or a much needed kitchen renovation in an older London home, our kitchen fitters will carefully create the look that you want, and show just why they are kitchen fitters that are trusted by so many.

Each kitchen fitting London is unique, and we treat each project as our priority, ensuring that customers receive great customer service, high end finishing, making our kitchen fitting some of the best in London.

Whatever you need, contacting Insider Property is the first step in getting the kitchen fitting work in London that you can always rely on for results you love.

What is a Kitchen Refurbishment & Kitchen Renovation  London ?

Many of our customers have a clear vision of what they want from a kitchen refurbishment or kitchen renovation in their London home. When it comes to kitchen refurbishment projects in London, this can mean a sympathetic restoration of an existing style, or a complete transformation that modernizes and changes the look and feel of a room.

Some of our kitchen renovation London work is a complete overhaul of a space, often designed to create open plan cooking and entertainment space, which our kitchen fitters London are experts at delivering. Not all kitchen refurbishment London work is about new fixtures or furnishings all round.

Our kitchen fitters London do refurbishment projects that focus on more minor changes that offer more major results. Whether it’s a new island to complement the existing space, or new cupboards to expand storage, our kitchen refurbishment London and kitchen renovation work London offers bespoke solutions matching your style.

For all our kitchen renovation and kitchen refurbishment work in London we consult customers to ensure they understand the scale of what they want to their precise specifications. Put simply, kitchen renovations and kitchen refurbishment London can range from complete new kitchens to cosmetic changes, but whatever it may be, we will ensure you get what you want.

Make Your Dream Kitchen Renovation Thanks To Our Kitchen Fitting Skills

For many people, the kitchen is the heart and hub of the home, a place for the family to relax together and a room and is used for all kinds of entertainment. That’s why getting a kitchen renovation in London should be both stylish and functional, maximizing the space you have to enjoy and share. 

Creating a kitchen installation in your London home should be all about that dream finish, and transforming your space into a truly relaxing place to be, to forget the stress of your working day. 

At Insider Property, we work closely with customers to deliver kitchen installation London and kitchen renovation that transform and impress. Our talented team of kitchen fitters in London offers bespoke kitchen renovation work for London homes of all styles and sizes, ensuring that you get your dream kitchen at a price you will appreciate.

Bespoke Kitchen Fitting London

When it comes to kitchen installation London, it is all about finding that perfect combination of style and functionality. For those who need a family space to cook, talk and generally relax with loved ones, our kitchen fitters London can create homely spaces that are still stunning. For others, their kitchen installation at their London home is about creating the ultimate entertainment. Whatever you may need, our kitchen fitting work across London showcases our guarantee that you will get just what you want. 

Made to Measure Kitchens

From kitchen fitting in large London townhouses to kitchen renovation in London flats, regardless of the project size, we will get you the best made to measure the kitchen for your particular space, ensuring it works with and for your home. Our kitchen fitters London will take precise measurements, allowing them to create a kitchen renovation that will maximize every part of your room, and open up your space. From the luxurious to the stylish, our kitchen fitters will create what you want to transform your home. 

Benefits of Kitchen Fitting, Renovation
& Kitchen Refurbishment London

When it comes to kitchen fitting, kitchen renovation and kitchen refurbishment work in London properties, the benefits are numerous, and the results can be completely transformative.

Whether you are looking to do a kitchen renovation in your London townhouse, designed to create an open, airy cooking and entertainment space, or a small scale kitchen installation in your London flat to make the most of your floorspace, the benefits are always guranteed when you work with us.

Our kitchen fitters London work closely with each customer to discuss what benefits they may want from their project, be it space or storage, light or modernising materials, our kitchen fitters will get you there.

Kitchen installation London is beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it give customers the chance to express and reflect their own style, kitchen makeovers in London properties of all sizes can totally transform how people live and how they enjoy their space.

Not all kitchen remodeling London delivers the same benefits, and no two customers want the same thing, which is what our kitchen fitters London make the benefits of your project clear before a single day of work is done, and why Insider Property is a trusted name in our industry.

Kitchen Refurbishment & Kitchen Renovation London
An Experts Guide

When you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation at your London home, it can be a stressful or complicated situation. From a full kitchen renovation to a practical one, where to begin can be a conundrum, so planning the kitchen renovation in your London home should be done carefully and thoroughly. Our team of highly experienced kitchen designers and kitchen renovation professionals in London is on hand to give you tips, advice, and everything you need to know before you start your kitchen renovation London.

The Right Professionals
Getting the best team for your kitchen renovation in London is really important, it can make or break your project. At Insider Property, we recommend that any kitchen renovation or kitchen refurbishment  London should use the services of the company that oversees the whole project, from planning to kitchen installation London and project management from start to finish. 

When you do your kitchen renovation in London this way, it avoids problems with scheduling the different tradesmen that will be involved, such as electricians, plumbers, plasterers, and tilers. 

With Insider Property, your kitchen renovation work in London is overseen the whole way by our own team, taking the stress out and bringing you peace of mind with our guaranteed results. 

Our kitchen fitters in London know that each kitchen refurbishment job is unique, with a range of timelines from as little as a week or as long as two months for a bespoke design to complete. When you arrange a kitchen renovation for your London home, get a schedule planned, and ensure that you are kept up to date on each stage of the work. 

For your kitchen renovation London, you need to get involved. Let your designer know what you want, ask advice from your kitchen fitters, and work out the best way to ensure that your kitchen refurbishment maximizes the space in your London property, and make sure appliances are ordered as you want them. 

Traditional, Modern, or Transitional?
A Basic Kitchen Refurbishment
& Kitchen Renovation London Style Guide

When it comes to kitchen installation London and kitchen fitting, there are many styles to consider, just as there are when you choose clothes, a car, or even the house itself. From country to traditional, modern to contemporary, cottage to the townhouse, kitchen fitting London is all about working out which is best and letting the professionals design and install it. 

As soon as you get an idea about the kitchen fitting London options for your home, you will be better placed to develop the design ideas that will work for you, with kitchen fitting in your London home that reflects your personal preferences as well as the architectural style of your home. 

Modern / Contemporary Kitchens

For kitchen renovation London, people often use the terms modern and contemporary which are definitely open to interpretation. Our kitchen fitters London know that the difference between modern and contemporary can be subtle but important, but often with many shared components and style features, mostly including up to date appliances, updated styles, and things that reflect recent trends. 

Much of our recent kitchen fitting work across London has put the emphasis on sleek, crisp, clean, open spaces and sleek lines, with much kitchen installation London work including man-made materials such as paint, plastic, stainless steel, laminate, glass, and concrete. 

When thinking of a modern interior design for kitchen fitting London and kitchen installation in London homes, many people immediately think for example about the Scandinavian design. This kind of kitchen installation London is epitomized by clean palettes (monochrome or pastel), natural materials, sleek horizontal lines, and a focus on functionality. Modern kitchen styles can often be recognized by the simple slab-style cabinet door.

For kitchen installation work in London that is based on contemporary styles, the stress is usually on what is “on trend”, the new and emerging styles and features. Unlike the modernism we mentioned earlier, this kind of kitchen renovation or kitchen installation in London homes is not based on or shaped by any historical period but is oriented toward the present and future. It does not necessarily follow any particular stylistic strain or school of architecture but deals with the new thing, however, it happens to be changing.

When you look up to 2018 and the trends in kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation in London homes, you will often find that contemporary kitchen designs might incorporate new trends such as bold splashes of color, open shelving, smart appliances, mixed metals (especially brass) and a multi-user layout. 

Transitional Kitchens

As our experienced kitchen fitters London can attest, often the most popular style of kitchen fitting requested today is what is known as the “transitional kitchen”. This kind of kitchen installation that we do for many London clients combines both traditional and modern design to create a fresh, updated look. 

For this kind of kitchen installation, London clients want us to seamlessly blend modern styles and concerts without compromising on style and character. When done well, this kind of transitional kitchen fitting or kitchen renovation transforms London homes, allowing for personal styles, stunning accents, and a perfect mix of character, and a sleek contemporary look. 

Traditional Kitchens

Kitchen installation work in London homes that need a traditional look often includes more decorative and detail orientated features like moldings, appliques, corbels, and raised panel doors. Many such kitchen fitting London jobs embrace old work or even French colonial styles. Other kitchen fitting or kitchen remodeling options for London customers include styles such as coastal, rustic, and country, designed to be much more casual. 

Often showcasing the natural beauty of wood cabinets, traditional kitchen fitting London incorporates features such as raised panel door styles, ornate glass doors, and decorative millwork or molding.

Kitchen remodeling London
& Kitchen renovation London:
Great Investment, Great Results

When it comes to investments in your home, a kitchen renovation or kitchen remodeling London properties is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner. 

For so many, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the hub of the house, which is why a high quality kitchen remodeling job can be so important for people who want to have a gorgeous, stylish, and highly functional kitchen to enjoy. 

Our kitchen fitting work in London starts with the all important design phase, establishing the cabinets and fixtures you want to suit your style and usage needs. Our experienced design consultants and kitchen fitters London are on hand to offer professional guidance and advice to help you with all your choices. 

When you have finalized the style and details of your kitchen renovation work in London, our professional kitchen fitters will get to work and ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible, with impeccable standards and finishing.

Improving Sustainability

With any kitchen fitting London in your house getting a kitchen renovation that represents a true upgrade can include more energy-efficient devices and appliances to help create an eco-friendly home. With their years of expertise to guide them, our kitchen fitters in London are on hand to offer professional advice about the most sustainable materials for your kitchen installation London, discussing things such as salvaged wood for cupboards or bamboo for your flooring, counter-tops,and around your kitchen in general, making a truly sustainable kitchen renovation a possibility.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety

Whatever your property type, style, or size, our kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation in your London home can be both simple as well as effective, enhancing comfort and safety. From the addition of a kitchen island or creating more important storage options, our kitchen fitters can improve both the practical and safety elements of your home with a truly outstanding kitchen remodeling for your London property. Using their industry knowledge, our kitchen fitters can give customers a range of advice about kitchen renovation London and kitchen installation options designed to make their London home comfortable, safety, and truly wonderful.