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When it comes to house extensions in London, residents and homeowners know that it can both add space to your property and value to your home. From a space expanding, through rear extension  to two-storey home extensions on London townhouses, the difference can be incredible. At Insider Property, we offer both design and build options for customers who want a house extension at their home.

For each house extension project, our architect works closely with you to prepare the architectural and structural drawings and then starts the building process by submitting the plans to your Local Authority. Once that is approved, our skilled extension builders London set about creating the highest standard home extensions London.

From following architects and designers’ drawings and specifications through to project completion, our house extensions projects are done in a way that keeps clients informed, and ends with a building completion certificate and ten-year structural warranty.

Our extension builders build home extensions, kitchen extensions London and rear extension that keep customers satisfied. Contact Insider Property today for all your house extensions ideas, starting with a free no-obligation consultation today.

House Extensions London Options

Rear Extension London

For a rear extension London, clients often want that extra room for a number of reasons, often wanting to create a more light and area space, and to reflect personal styles. Our extension builders London always work hard to deliver all that, and a rear house extensions London is a great option for customers who want to achieve these results.

Single Storey Extension

Many of our clients who want kitchen extensions on their London home are looking for a larger cooking and entertainment space with more light. Our extension builders can deliver this, using only the best materials to create that dream space at the rear of homes, sometimes incorporating Velux roof windows to brighten home interiors.

Double Storey Extension

At Insider Property, we have often done house extensions in London that create two-storey extensions. For London properties on a slope, architects can design a home extension for London homes that include a half basement and sliding glass doors. Our extension builders London have years of experience with this and many other house extensions across London.

House Extensions Builders London:
Why Should You Have A Home Extension in London?

As property prices in the capital drop, it is still fair to say that the price of a home in these regions is still high when compared to other areas of the country, making it a great place to own property. 

For many homeowners, staying in their home is preferable to moving for many reasons, which is why house extensions and kitchen extensions London are popular when people want more space in their property. 

For many, when more space is needed, things such as kitchen extensions or a rear extension at their London property is the solution, allowing a new space to transform their living arrangements and lifestyles. 

Whether you want one of our kitchen extensions to make your London home have a hub that is airy and open plan, or a rear extension London that creates that much needed home office space, Insider Property can provide what you want. With entertaining space so important for many, one of our stunning kitchen extensions in your London home could create an inspiring and impressive space that can also integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces with seamless style.  

Whatever you may want, from a den to home office space, bedrooms to snugs, our extension builders work closely with each and every client to help design, create and deliver a space you have always wanted, making your ideas a reality with our complete service and customer focused dedication. 

With years of experience doing house extensions London, we offer a complete service from initial contact to completion, managing every step of the project for all our home extensions London work. From architectural advice to design tips, our kitchen extensions London, rear extension work, and all home extensions come with full service professionals as part of the team and stunning finishes to complete the work. 

To discuss house extensions London, contact Insider Property today and let us get you on the way to the space you have always dreamed of in your own home.

What should you know about Rear Extension London?

Whether it’s creating a new office at the back of our home, or better access to your garden, a rear extension on your London home can represent a great solution for terraced houses or for properties that do not have a side return. For homeowners who do have a side return you can combine one of our side return home extensions on your London home to maximize the space you have available with a wrap-around extension.

From ground floor apartments to terraced houses, detached properties to semi-detached and period homes, a rear extension London can be a great way to add more space to your property. Each of our house extensions London is bespoke to our clients’ needs, with our extension builders London creating large open plan living spaces that incorporate a new kitchen, dining area and lounge. 

Some of our house extensions in London are done to create more space for things such as dining and entertaining, with all our house extensions designed to transform your space and how you live. 

Increase the Value of your Property
With a Kitchen Extension
At your London Home

When it comes to selling your house, adding value and getting the best returns on your investment can be done with one of our stunning kitchen extensions on your London home. With the kitchen being the hub of entertainment and the heart of the home for so many people, it is not surprising that our kitchen extensions London are so popular. As with many home extensions London, adding space or updating the look of your property can be achieved with one of our kitchen extensions. Most house extensions in London add value as well as space to your property, so contact us today and let our extension builders London assess your home and discuss which of our kitchen extensions in London you should go for.

What Can We Tell You About
Single Storey House Extension London?

Whether it is a single storey extension to the side or rear or one of our other home extensions, these kinds of projects can be a good way to add living space to the ground floor of your house. 

Whether you are looking to create a feature room such as one of our open plan kitchen extensions in your London home, or a new dining area or sun-room to bring the garden into the home, it can genuinely transform your home. 

With single store house extensions properties,  practical additions can be added or incorporated, with re-configured layouts such as utilities, studies and toilets. You should always consider things such as design and what you want to achieve from one of our home extensions, and any limitations of planning and building regulations and of course the build cost. In most cases our single storey house extensions can be done under permitted development meaning no planning permission application. 

At Insider Property, we have extensive onsite knowledge and can work closely with you to ensure success and stress free projects. For all our house extensions London, we provide drawings in line with the quotation, and any additional information we don’t provide such as plumbing and electrics is agreed in detail before the first fix goes in, it will be costly changing things once the initial preparation has been built, so contact us today to discuss house extensions in London. 

Have You Consider House Extensions For Your London Property?

For many of house extensions projects, we do double-storey extensions that are designed to provide gorgeous new living spaces for both the ground and first floor of your home. For these home extensions, the first floor can include bedrooms, bathrooms, en-suites and more, and at Insider Property, we believe that a good architectural designer will be able to give you the right advice and options.

When you are designing your rear extension or kitchen extensions for your two story house extensions London, knowing what you want and where you want it is crucial to get the results you want. With house extensions in London that are two stories the planning limitations have to be considered, as the size and scale means it has to be designed to fit with its environment.

The overall size and scale of the extension is the priority, which is why we also take time to carefully consider the  internal layout and how we can use the existing structure as best as possible, this will also help save costs. 

Our double storey home extensions in London generally need planning permission, as the permitted development rights only permit small sizes. We have extensive construction knowledge to enable us to lead you through all the house extensions processes and requirements in London boroughs.

Why A Double-Storey House Extensions Might Be A Good Choice When It Comes To Home Extensions London?

What Is A Double-Storey House Extension London & Why Should You Consider It?

A double-storey home extension is when you construct a home extension London to your property and then you add a second floor on top of the extension. The extension is now two storeys high and also known as a two-storey extension.

Double-storey home extensions London are a great solution to add an upstairs bedroom to your property, whilst at the same time having space downstairs for an additional room, a kitchen, playroom or luxury bathroom.

Use A Double-Storey Home Extension To The Side To Expand Your House Space

If you don’t live in a terrace property and you have the space, you could construct a double-storey house extension London to the side of your house. Although you would have to apply for the correct building and planning permissions.

What Makes A Double-Storey House Extensions London So Popular?

One Of the main reasons is that the price difference for the foundations and the roof between 1 storey and 2 is not a large difference, so you get double the amount of space for a small price increase. A second reason is the sheer amount of space that is gained. Whenever you need double-storey home extension, our extension builders London are there for you!